Michael Nieuwesteeg, Executive Director

Michael Nieuwesteeg MSc MEng is the managing director of NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre. Founded in 1953 and now with more than 500 member companies (recycling, retail, packaging design, packaged goods manufacturing like food, non-food and pharma, supply of packaging materials, inks and machinery, services) the NVC focuses on innovation, information, education and serving the interests of its members. The NVC Project Pharmaceutical Packaging Innovation (started in 2011) addresses the whole field of innovation. Specifically for the improvement of patient adherence through packaging, NVC supports HCPC Europe in providing the Executive Director as Board Member. On 1 July 2015 Ger Standhardt succeeded Tassilo Korab as Executive Director of HCPC Europe and on 1 May 2019 Michael Nieuwesteeg succeeded Ger Standhardt in this role.


Gabriele Iannizzotto, Chairman

Gabriele is Corporate Marketing-Innovation Manager at Palladio Group SpA & Plant Manager at Palladio Ireland ltd. He has been working for the Pharmaceutical industry for almost 20 years with distinguished performance as a Senior Business Manager. Highly accomplished with proven success in leading operations involving SME’s to large organizations in pharmaceutical secondary packaging Industry with comprehensive experience in marketing and innovation.

Innovation in terms of packaging in today’s environment, can really make a positive difference in the lifestyle of people. It can vary from new raw materials, safety, ergonomics, etc., etc. One of the programs that he is running is geared towards users which are categorised “Senior Friendly”. This has developed from a personal motivation as he has first-hand knowledge and an understanding towards people with severe vision issues and other chronic diseases. In only two and half years, his group has been able to bring to the forefront new concepts of packaging so to get ready for 4.0 re-evolution. This packaging combines different technologies with cardboard and links users with caregivers throughout IoT.

Dr. Thomas Dries, Treasurer

Thomas is physicist by education and he spent more than 15 years in R&D, mainly in the area of polymer film development. For nearly 15 years Thomas  has been engaged in the Marketing of polymer films for the packaging of food, non-food and medicines. In his current role as Market Development Manager Thomas raises awareness of the benefits of high moisture barrier Aclar®-films for the design of blister packs that meet both the needs of users and pharmaceutical stakeholders.  In June 2003 Thomas was elected chairman of HCPC Europe and re-elected in 2007 for another 4 years term. Thomas firmly believes that there is still  a huge potential in improving pack designs for medicines which are regulatory compliant on the one hand and that trigger positive responses from patients and in turn better outcomes of therapies on the other hand.

David Dronneau, Board member

David is Technology & Innovation Head at Sanofi Aventis. For Sanofi, packaging is a key element in order to ease the dispensation of the solutions we are providing and is part of the patient centricity mindset. We need to realize that the packaging is the first element manipulated by patients before to take their treatment. What does it mean? We have to design it in order to offer the best service for the patient: Obviously, take care about patient security and delivering a product having the best quality is the most important feature for a packaging but in addition, usability and adherence are key elements to guaranty success of the treatment. It is the challenge which raises HCPC and his(her) members.

To be part of HCPC allows sharing best practices, to exchange ideas and to promote that a friendly package is a must allowing increasing compliance, confidence in the treatment. It’s evidence that together we can really go further, push the boundaries and develop best practices. It is therefore essential to participle in such initiatives for the patient’s benefits.

Bas de Gooijer, Board member

Bas is the Business Development Manager at Ecobliss Blisterpackaging/Locked4Kids. Since 1994, he has been involved in pharmaceutical packaging in operational, commercial and innovation & development roles. Over those years, his awareness about the value of packaging for patients increased, and since then he became an advocate for pharmaceutical packaging that supports a better health outcome for patients.

As a board member of HCPC Europe he is focused on increasing the awareness that packaging is a strong supportive medium for increased patient adherence. Through this awareness we can build a better platform for research and development of packaging as part of the therapy, not only the carrier of it. It is necessary to come up with solutions that are scalable in production environments, and fit in the economics of packaging. At the same time, we should consider the added value of improved packaging in economic outcomes, but foremost in health outcomes.

Matt Fisher, Board member

Matt has had a varied career in packaging which started in 2002. I spent 8 years within fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) working at a converter, a UK retailer and an international Brand. He then moved into Pharmaceuticals, joining AstraZeneca in 2010. During his time at AstraZeneca he has held several packaging roles which have involved working with the established commercial brands, global operations sites, supporting packaging development and validation for new sites in Asia and the Middle East and working with medical devices produced in a sterile environment. He is now a Senior Packaging Scientist working within the development function where my main responsibility is to define the primary packaging materials and formats for new products, author documents for regulatory submissions as well as to continue to support the commercialised product portfolio where required.

Packaging is often seen as a means to an end, purely there to protect the product and to support shelf life. Although this is a fundamentally critical role, packaging should also be seen as an end in itself. The benefits of well-designed packaging are significant but there are aspects of this which are generally not understood. Business focus is more often than not put on how to ensure that the product gets to the patient in the most efficient and cost effective way – what is then not taken into account is how the patient will interact with the pack. It is critical to appreciate that not only can good packaging improve patient experience, help with adherence and therefore improve health outcomes but bad packaging (or packaging without patient considerations) can have exactly the opposite effect.

Mr. Tassilo Korab, Chairman of the Advisory Board

Starting his career as an international Sales Manager, Tassilo has been in the packaging industry for more than 20 years. As a recognised expert in flexible packaging, he holds an MSc in Healthcare Economics, as well as having written several publications on patient compliance, standards and regulations for child resistant packaging and the war against counterfeits. Tassilo is Managing Director of TKM HandelsgmbH, a consulting company in the sector of flexible packaging for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. He was one of the co-founders of HCPC Europe. Tassilo: “We know that improved compliance/adherence leads to better outcomes, hence better quality of life. I therefore feel that in the frame of my possibilites, I have to contribute to the work HCPC Europe is undertaking”. Tassilo has been on the board since July 2004 as executive director, and became chairman of the Advisory Board on 1 July 2015.