Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the goals?

The goal of HCPC Europe is to achieve demonstrable improvement in patient compliance through the implementation of packaging-related initiatives.

How will HCPC Europe operate?

  • Strictly scientific and based on evidence
  • Cross-functional and interdisciplinary
  • Strictly ethical oriented

What are the first initiatives?

  • Project with University of Vienna
    Profs. Schoberberger und Kunze
    “The Elderly Patient and Pharmaceutical Packaging”
  • Organization of an Interdisciplinary Conference on Healthcare Compliance (2005)
  • Start professional networking

What are the next steps?

  • Provide solid data on the impact of packaging of medicines on healthcare-compliance
  • Start an interdisciplinary dialogue within the entire healthcare sector
  • Submit support data of the cost benefits of increased healthcare-compliance

Who can join?

  • “Anyone” with an interest in improving healthcare-compliance
  • More Specific:
    Pharmaceutical companies
    Companies in the value chain of packaging for medicines

Why should I join as a member?

To have access to:

  • a broad professional body of independent experts in the field of healthcare compliance and packaging
  • regular professional updates on issues pertaining to compliance and healthcare related matters in Europe.
  • frequent updates on questions pertaining to regulatory and legislative initiatives
  • access to indepenent data and studies initiated by HCPC Europe
  • a platform of education and support on how packaging can enhance patient compliance