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This Research Database has been developed by HCPC Europe to create an overview of the available research in the field of patient-friendly and adherence packaging. The database is for all members of HCPC Europe. Members can register as a user to get access to the database. Is your organisation not a member yet? Then please register your organisation as a member or contact our Executive Director Ger Standhardt for more information.

Tamper-resistant yet convenient: solving a design dilemma

Manufacturers of Over-the-Counter (OTC) drugs and some consumer products are in a quandary. On the other hand, they must make packaging, containers, and closures secure enough to be tamper-resistant and child safe. At the same time, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has challenged them to create packaging that is easy for the elderly and handicapped to open. Tampering indications based on sight, sound and smell are the latest developments.