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An ergonomics evaluation of a reclosable pharmaceutical container with special reference to the elderly

The British Standard on reclosable child resistant medicine containers stales that adults should be able to open such containers but fails to consider the special problems of the elderly.

This study compared the ability of 100 elderly people to open a particular child resistant container (CRC) with their ability to open conventional drug containers. Information on drug taking and on contact with children under 5 years was also collected, and indicated that 62% of the subjects were taking prescribed tablets and, of these, 70% came into contact with children under 5 years.

The results showed that, without a demonstration, over 20% of attempts to open the CRCs resulted in failure and even after a demonstration 16 5% of attempts were unsuccessful. Taking the frequency of contact with children into account, it was concluded that the elderly come into contact with young children sufficiently often to justify their tablets being dispensed in CRCs. Consequently it was felt that the special problems of the elderly need consideration in the British Standard and in the design of child resistant containers.