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The impact of modifying a pill dispenser on the efficacy of the medication circuit in nursing homes

Seeking safety and efficacy of medication management in nursing homes require a traceable preparation of medications dispensed in pill organizers by a pharmacist. We conducted a pilot observational study in 2 nursing homes. This first study assesses the operational and economic feasibility of replacing the 28 day mono-drug pill dispenser by the 7 day multi-drug pill dispenser, and the impact of its use on the safety of the medication circuit. In fact, the use of this type of pill dispenser faces many difficulties since all actors that handle medications have to be adapted to the complex needs of nursing homes residents, in particular the necessity to modify therapies that may threaten safety. On the other hand, the over-packaging of medication prepared by the 7 day pill dispenser seems to be feasible. Given the facts as established by this pilot study and their effects on both residents and healthcare providers, more large studies are necessary to support current standardization.