HCPC Europe Columbus Award for
Compliance Enhancing Packaging Design 2014

HCPC Europe | 28th and 29th October 2014

On the occasion of a Pharma Packaging Conference, organised jointly with INFORMA Life Sciences which took place on October 28th and 29th 2014 in Berlin, HCPC Europe assigned the Columbus Packaging award for patient compliance/adherence enhancing pack design in two categories, one for a product that is commercially already available and one that is a concept for products yet to be released to the market.

Out of a large number of entries the jury short-listed the following two outstanding packaging solutions for the award:


In the category of commercially available products the award was assigned to AstraZeneca for the pack design of Olaparib, a product which requires a very complex treatment and hence a best possible support of the patients. The award was made to AZ for the patient friendly packaging that has been developed for the novel PARP inhibitor product Olaparib, which is the first oral maintenance ovarian cancer treatment for post menopausal women, coming onto the market in 2015.

The early formulation of the product, developed on a fast-track programme to arrive on the market as early as possible, is in capsule form, and requires patients to take a number of capsules in the morning, and then again in the evening. To aid the patients with this regime the Olaparib new product team worked with product design agencies to develop a novel solution to enable patients to easily refill, and carry the medication with them, so that they are always in control of their dosing and their daily routines.

Martin Rous speaking on behalf of AstraZeneca about the challenges to pack a product with such complex requirements as Olaparib.

Martin Rous receives the trophy on behalf of AstraZeneca.


In the category of concepts the award went to Novartis for a wallet that uses symbols and colours in a way that is self explanatory and therefore helps the patient to remember whether and when to take the medication.

Considering that forgetfulness is a major factor in not taking the prescribed medicines Novartis came up with a pack that allows the patient the best possible control over the drug intake.Our “adherence book packaging” was designed and developed for a fictive product within our team of “Packaging Design Management”. The invented brand name is “Your Brand 10mg”. The packaging supports a complex dose regimen of 4 capsules bid, meaning 2 capsules to be taken in the evening, 2 capsules in the morning. But could of course be redesigned to other regimens” explained Stefanie Meier, speaking for the Novartis Packaging Design Team.

Stefanie Meier explaining the particularities of Novartis’ Adherence Book.

Stefanie Meier receives the Columbus award trophy 2014.

The winners of the Columbus awards with the HCPC Europe board members Dr. Thomas Dries, Tassilo Korab, Stefanie Meier, Martin Rous, Phill Marley (from left to right).

Phill Marley talking to Mathias Heck, member of the board and head of the Brussels office Secur Pharma, Maarten van Baelen, Medical Affairs Manager, European Generic Medicines Association, David Dronneau, Technology, Innovation Process and Solution, Clinical Supplies R&D, Sanofi and Mark Davison, CEO, Blue Sphere Health Ltd.

Robert Johnstone, European Patients Forum and IAPO and Felice Bombaci, European Cancer Patient Coalition.