HCPC Alliance Columbus Award 2011

HCPC Europe | 25 March 2011

Pfizer is the winner of the HCPC Alliance Columbus Award 2011

Pfizer Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH is awarded the HCPC Alliance Columbus trophy for compliance enhancing packaging design 2011

At Fleming Europe’s Pharma packaging & labelling compliance conference 2011, which took place in Barcelona on March 23rd and 24th, the HCPC Alliance¹ presented for the first time the Columbus Award for compliance enhancing packaging design. Innovative packaging solutions with elements to help patients to take their medications as prescribed were presented and the Columbus Award was given to the solution that, according to the jury, offered the most comprehensive support.

Out of a large number of entries the jury short-listed the following three outstanding packaging solutions for the award:

Toviaz (IntuiDose) from Anderson Packaging Inc/AmerisourceBergen Packaging Group’s (on behalf of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals)
The Wallet design provides a comprehensive approach to initializing overactive bladder therapy utilizing a compliance prompting package design integrated with extensive tools for patient education, tips and tools for a detailed treatment plan, and tools to facilitate patient-doctor interaction for managing symptoms.

Coartem®; dispersible tablets from Novartis
Especially designed to promote and help compliance in malaria treatment. Packaging enhances the dialogue between healthcare provider and patient.
Pictorial and colour coded packs explain not only how but also why to be compliant with the 3-day course of therapy; Decreasing parasite count following each dose. Thanks to a unique public-private agreement with WHO Novartis makes Coartem available at cost.

Champix / Chantix, global wallet portfolio from Pfizer Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH
The Champix/Chantix wallet packaging portfolio is an answer to the question how to enhance compliance for products marketed on a global scale by customized packaging solutions. It provides a multi-dimensional solution for the essential product medication scheme, regional packaging requirements but also important prescription and reimbursement regulations.