The HCPC Alliance Columbus Award 2012

HCPC Alliance | 30th March 2012

During Fleming Europe’s Pharma Packaging & Labelling Compliance Conference held on March 7th – 9th in Rome, HCPC Global presented the finalists of the 2nd Columbus Award for Compliance Enhancing Packaging Design 2012.

Innovative packaging solutions with elements to help patients to take their medications as prescribed were presented and the Columbus Award was given to the solution that, according to the jury, offered the most comprehensive support.

Out of a large numbers of entries the jury short-listed the following three outstanding packaging solutions for the award:

Clyk – the intelligent tablet dispenser from Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals – Bayer Pharma AG co-developed with Balda Medical GmbH & Co. KG.
Clyk is a refillable electronic tablet dispenser with an LCD display. It is designed to be used for 2 years. Clyk was specifically designed to help women comply with a new oral contraceptive within a unique flexible extended intake regimen (currently under development), to provide a woman with reliable contraception and the option to personally plan her period. The intuitive and user friendly dispenser is discrete, visually appealing and can be used globally due to its use of symbols. Clyk not only provides a daily reminder through its visual and audible alarm, but it also guides the woman if pills are missed and advices her if back-up contraception is needed. The dispenser guides the woman through her cycle and the 4 day tablet free interval.

DuRecon from Abbott India.
A Dual chambered container for re-constitution of oral dry syrup products, is the answer to the multiple questions being raised on compliance of current form of packaging that is in practice today and this new container will solve many problems such as under or over dosing due to inappropriate reconstitution, likely product contamination due to improper quality of water, inconsistent results due to dosing errors, long dosage preparation time and so on. The patient information is provided in the leaflet label itself, therefore being the part of primary pack the leaflet is retained in the label till the last dose.

Symbicort Turbhaler from AstraZeneca.
The project set out to improve the patients understanding of the Turbuhaler device and Symbicort medication. The idea was to present and reinforce the instructions at each touch point (doctor, pharmacy and at home) and simply the instructions using simpler language. The instruction became “twist, click, inhale” and presented on a leaflet, carton, starter booklet and web page. The starter pack was designed to be engaging and something the patient may keep. The outer packaging was designed by Burgopak.